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Parque de la Naturaleza Senda Viva

The Nature Park of Bardenas

Bardenas Reales is the third Nature Park of Navarre and a Biosphere Reserve. It is a vast desert-like and unpopulated territory covering 42.000 hectares. The landscape here is peculiar, ascetic and moon-like,  eroded by the arid climate and by intensive human use.

The Bardenas Nature Park offers many possible routes where me may feel overwhelmed by the magnificent views and by a peculiar flora and fauna.

The most spectacular part is the so-called Bardena Blanca (literally, the "White Bardena"). Erosion has created fanciful-shaped natural sculptures in this highly saline ochre and yellow part of the Park. In contrast, the Bardena Negra (literally, the "Black Bardena"), standing at higher altitudes, features dark soils and luxuriant greenery.

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